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Mind in the Making Train-the-Trainer

CCR&R professionals are invited to apply for our free MITM train-the-trainer opportunity, a series of eight learning modules covering MITM's seven essential life skills that will help you understand and encourage the executive function-based skills in children ages 0-8 that help children thrive.

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Brain Building for Families

Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. Children learn from parents every day during common daily routines such as mealtime, diaper changing, and more. Vroom® brings you the tools to turn everyday moments with your child into moments that will boost learning and brain development.

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Brain Building for Child Care Programs

Children love to learn from the caring adults in their lives and families and caregivers have what it takes to help children develop! The everyday moments spent with a child can help their brain grow strong and give them a great start in life! Child Care Aware® of America and Vroom® have free resources to support brain building in child care programs.

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Brain Building for CCR&Rs

CCR&R agencies are in a unique position to empower families, provide training and support to child care programs, and partner with community organizations to ultimately strengthen children's developing brains for a brighter future.

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Vroom Aha Moments

We want to hear about your brain building moments as a child care professional! Tell us about your Vroom® "Aha!" moments.

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Family Engagement Month

This is a time when we celebrate family engagement with CCR&Rs, child care programs and families and uplift the important role we all play in supporting children's everyday learning and development.

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