Have you started using Vroom®? Do you use the Vroom app or Vroom by Text™ to receive daily tips to help build your child’s developing brain? How has using brain building activities and concepts changed how you care for your children?

Child Care Aware® of America wants to hear from you – Families, CCR&Rs and early childhood educators!

Tell us about a time that you realized an everyday moment can be brain building moment! Share how Vroom has impacted the way you or other adults in your community interact with young children.

  • Vroom Stories – examples of how families, child care providers, and community partners are using or sharing Vroom.
  • Aha Moments – a moment of sudden insight, discovery, or awareness related to Vroom and its resources that changes the way a person interacts or cares for children.

We will use the experiences you share as examples in our effort to create awareness about the importance of early brain development and meaningful interactions between young children and the adults in their lives.

Submit Your Vroom Story!