ECE Policy Across the U.S., 2020-Present 

Child Care Aware® of America has developed a tool to track child care and early childhood education (ECE) policies across the nation. This comprehensive, interactive dashboard allows ECE advocates to learn how states are building more equitable, accessible, and affordable child care systems.  

Here’s how you can find information on how states are investing in child care: 

Each state contains a policy profile highlighting federal relief funding amounts and usage, along with significant state legislation enacted between 2020-2024. Depending on which policies states have implemented, more specific information is available in the profiles. 

Users can filter by specific categories of information on the left-side of the dashboard to learn about specific policies, funding allocations, and ballot measures. A counter on the far-right side will show you how many states are enacting a certain policy, depending on the criteria you select.

Please note, this dashboard is not meant to be exhaustive and will be updated weekly. More information on how to use the ECE State Policy Dashboard can be found in the ‘User How To’ tab, found at the bottom of the map. 

State and national partners have been key to providing information for this dashboard. We appreciate hearing from you about any additional state updates we can include in the dashboard. You can reach out with updates to

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