meetings with legislator


Schedule a Meeting or Call with your Legislator in Five Easy Steps

  1. Do you already have a contact in the offices of your Members of Congress? If so, skip to step 3 
  2. If not, identify your legislators and find contact information here.  
  3. Connect with the district office through a brief email or phone call—it is best to make your request in writing and follow up with a call within a few days.   Ask to speak with the district’s scheduler or another staff lead on child care to set up the meeting. You can also visit your legislator’s website and use the “Request a Meeting” form available from most members. 
  4. Use the email starter language and phone script below to connect with staff in your congressional offices. If you can, try to tailor it to your community and communication style.
  5. Do not be discouraged if you do not hear back right away. You may have to contact the congressional office a few times to get a response. Allow at least one business day in-between follow-up 

If you are sending an email, it should contain the following: 

  • Your name and address to show that you are a constituent, as well as your organization (if applicable). 
  • The issues you wish to discuss – keep it brief. 
  • The local office you wish to visit (if requesting a meeting). 
  • The dates that you can meet. Include several dates or a wide time frame so that there is flexibility in scheduling the meeting. 

Here is an example of an email: 


My name is [YOUR NAME], from [ORG NAME] in [CITY/TOWN]. I am requesting a meeting or conference call with Congressman/Senator [NAME] regarding child care and the impact of the coronavirus. Does Congressman/Senator [NAME] have any availability to schedule a meeting at the [LOCATIONdistrict office or a conference call on [DATES]? 

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. I can be reached at the phone number and email listed below and look forward to hearing from you regarding a time we can meet.  






Here is an example of a phone script: 

YOU: Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME], from [ORG NAME] in [CITY/TOWN].  

I wanted to follow up on my request to meet with Congressman/ Senator [NAME] regarding child care and the impact of the coronavirus emergency. Is Congressman/Senator [NAME] available to meet with me on [DATE]/schedule a conference call with me on [DATE]?  

OFFICE: I’m sorry — the Congressman/Senator isn’t available on those dates.  

YOU: Could you let me know some dates that he/she or a staff person might be available to meet with me?