Navy Home Community Care

The Navy Home Community Care (HCC) program provides child care for members of the Navy Reserve Force assigned to specific installations during drill weekends. Care is provided in high quality family child care homes throughout the following locations: Coronado, CA, San Diego, CA, Ventura County, CA, Jacksonville, FL, New Orleans, LA, Baltimore, MD and Fort Worth, TX, Kitsap/Bremerton, WA. Fee assistance will be provided to eligible Reservists to offset the cost of up to 24 hours of child care per month on scheduled drill weekends.


Getting Started:

  • Eligibility Requirements
    • State licensed family child care home
    • Current certification in first aid and infant/child CPR
    • Availability from 6am- 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, during military drill weekend
  • Supporting Documents Needed
    • Completed Navy HCC Application
    • State child care license
    • Proof of current first aid and infant/child CPR certification

    Next Steps:

    • Once approved, instructions will be provided for finalizing enrollment with Navy Fee Assistance.


  • How do payments work?

    Families are responsible for paying the provider $3/hr. (or any part of an hour) per child for up to 24 hours per month on scheduled drill weekends. The Navy Fee Assistance Program will pay providers directly $12/hr. (or any part of an hour) per child, up to 24 hours per month on scheduled drill weekends.


  • How to Apply

    Please complete the Navy HCC Application that can be found above, under “Supporting Documents Needed.” Submit the application along with all supporting documents via:


    Child Care Aware® of America
    1515 N Courthouse Rd, 3rd FL
    Arlington, VA 22201
    Navy HCC Provider Email:
    Navy HCC Provider Hotline: 1-800-424-2246, select 1, then dial extension 404

    Navy HCC Fax Number: 703-663-7133

    **For any questions on documentation eligibility, call us at 1-800-424-2246 or e-mail us at

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