Emergency Child Care & Technical Assistance Center™

TA for Systems-Level Leaders   |  TA for Child Care Providers

CCAoA recently launched this new initiative to support the entire child care community — CCR&Rs and other system-level leaders, providers, families and employers — during the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond.

In the midst of funding and supply challenges compounded by COVID-19, the Center provides training, technical assistance and resources to:

  • Assist CCR&Rs and other systems-level leaders in understanding the needs of and supporting child care programs now, during, and after the pandemic
  • Enhance CCR&Rs’ abilities to respond to COVID-19 and demonstrate their strength
  • Equip child care providers with information about financial supports and business operations, and connect them with CCR&Rs
  • Assist families in accessing financial supports, making informed child care choices, and connecting with CCR&Rs
  • Work with CCR&Rs to connect essential businesses and their employees to available licensed child care programs
  • Assist employers with emergency and other child care needs

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The Emergency Child Care & Technical Assistance Center™ builds on our existing services to also offer:

  • Virtual Professional Development and Personalized Technical Assistance
  • Communities of Practice
  • Hotline/Chat/Email support to providers and CCR&Rs
  • Updates via Social Media/Podcast
  • Easy-to-use Resources/Newsletter


The Center is still evolving, but many services are up and running:

We will provide more information as the Center evolves to serve the child care community.

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