The child care system is reeling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It was a broken system before COVID-19—and now it’s more fragmented than ever. Without an estimated $50 billion stimulus needed from the government, there may not be much of a child care sector to come back to. That’s why we’re sharing stories from real families and child care providers impacted by COVID-19.

Please help us share these stories on social media using #NoChildCareNoRecovery. If you’ve been personally impacted by coronavirus as a child care provider or as a family with children who are typically in care, please share your story with us. These stories are powerful tools that we share with the media and Members of Congress to bring awareness to this crisis.

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No Child Care, No Recovery

The child care system was broken before the coronavirus hit. Now, it’s broken more than ever. Our explainer video details the impact of the child care system and why we need $50 billion from Congress to save the industry.

Coronavirus and Child Care | Newark, Ohio

Shaun Linton is the director of My Place Child Care and School Age Center in Newark, Ohio. Shaun said that many people have told him that he’s lucky to be open, but more than three months into the pandemic, his program still only sees about 25% of their enrolled students on a daily basis and faces losing $10,000-15,000 each month.

Coronavirus and Child Care | Clinton, Mississippi

Leisa Daniels describes what it was like to go from an enrollment of 360 children to 56 children as the COVID-19 pandemic hit her region.

Coronavirus and Child Care | Miami, Florida

Hear from Jacqueline Moreno of REM Early Learning Center in Miami, Florida as she explains how COVID-19 has financially hit her child care program.

Coronavirus and Child Care | Baltimore, Maryland

Learn how Celeste Joyner has had to change the policies of her child care program in order to protect her family during the pandemic.