Increase Annual Funding for Child Care

Our child care system is in crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic made a weak, disjointed system crumble even further. Parents struggle to find accessible, affordable, quality child care while the child care workforce is shrinking due to decades of low pay and a lack of respect regarding the critical nature of its work. 

Right now, Congress is negotiating annual funding, and there is an opportunity to increase the amount for child care. To make it happen, Congress needs to hear from educators, families, and community members about the challenges we are facing and the difference that funding can make.  

You Can Make a Difference in Under 10 Minutes

We know that your time is valuable and limited, so we have provided several
time-based options for you to choose from in reaching out to your members of Congress:

Email your lawmaker

1 Minute

Tweet at your lawmaker

3 Minutes

Call your lawmaker

5 Minutes

Share your Story

7 Minutes

Have 1 minute? Send an email to your Members of Congress

Have 3 minutes? Choose one of the templated options below and tweet at your Members of Congress.

Have 5 minutes? Use our templated script below and call your Members of Congress.

Have 7 minutes? Record a video and share your experience with us.

Additional Resources

Show your support by sharing our message on social media.

View our coalition letter to Congress on annual funding

View your state’s child care fact sheet.

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