Alex the Bear Goes to Child Care

Going to child care for the first time or entering a new child care setting can be a daunting experience for both children and parents. Alex the Bear seeks to make the transition exciting, enjoyable and a lot more fun! Join Alex as he prepares for his first adventure in child care.

Family Child Care

Family child care homes and child care centers follow similar guidelines for quality care. Family child care providers should demonstrate quality indicators in interactions, health and safety, ratio, planned activities and training/education.

Health & Safety

Health and safety measures are important in any child care facility. Child care programs should have plans and procedures in place to keep children safe from illness and injury.


Daily, scheduled activities provided for children in child care and early education programs offer opportunities for children to develop, practice skills and learn.

Caregiver to Child Ratios

Learn more about the recommended ratio guidelines for caregivers and children in quality child care. The lower the ratio, the more one-on-one attention each child may receive.

Caregiver Interaction

Caregiver interaction is important for several reasons. A close level of caregiver supervision helps protect children from injury. Engaging children in activities and conversations promotes learning and improves language skills.

Training & Education

Child development training for child care staff helps ensure quality programs for children. Child care providers should also receive training on a variety of health and safety topics.