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Picking Up the Pieces: Building a Better Child Care System Post COVID-19

Our 2020 report combines our State Fact Sheets, Price of Care and Child Care Data Center in an interactive format. Explore your state's data on accessbility, affordability and quality and see how COVID-19 has crushed the child care industry.

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Child Care Data Center

Child care data is difficult to collect, standardize and visualize. That's why we built the Child Care Data Center to display data on child care affordability, supply and quality across all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. Explore the interactive map now.

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The US and the High Price of Child Care

A review of child care as a sound return on investment and our recommendations for supporting families & child care providers.

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2019 State Fact Sheets

How is your state supporting working families and the challenges they face? Find out more about what's being done.

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Millennial Map

Story map about issues facing millennial parents, and a look at the affordability of full-time center-based care for an infant and of full-time center-based care for two children.

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Mapping the Gap

Story maps showing challenges in child care supply and demand and useful resources to ensure accessibility to quality child care.

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toddler learning to walk with parents

Closing the Gap

Examine 15 examples of CCR&Rs and other policy-focused organizations to understand their approaches to closing the gap in child care supply and demand at state and local levels.

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Father and Daughter

It's About Time

Learn about the families working nonstandard schedules who are inequitably affected by lack of child care.

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Browse our library of previous reports, research and publications from Child Care Aware® of America

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Dr. Dionne Dobbins is the Sr. Director of Research at Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA).

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