Unequal Access: Barriers to Early Childhood Education for Boys of Color

BoysOfColorReport_boysplayingFor decades, opportunities for long term success have often eluded boys and young men of color. Starting at birth, these children of all classes face negative perceptions, structural disadvantage, and biased treatment. Child Care Aware® of America worked with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to author a new report titled Unequal Access: Barriers to Early Childhood Education for Boys of Color, that looks at these issues.

The report:

  • highlights the overall opportunity gaps for boys of color;
  • describes the extent of the early childhood disparity for boys of color;
  • identifies some of the barriers to  accessing quality early childhood education for boys of color;
  • shares community and state-level solutions to the access issue; and
  • proposes solutions to the disparity of access.

This issue brief is part of a series of issue briefs commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Forward Promise Initiative. The other early childhood education focused brief in this series is by Dr. Walter Gilliam and is entitled Early Childhood Expulsions and Suspensions Undermine Our Nation’s Most Promising Agent of Opportunity and Social Justice. You can find the entire series of briefs at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website.

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