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Provider Appreciation Day is May 9

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Niki Smidt

“My child care provider has helped mold my daughter in to the smart, funny, beautiful little girl she is today. She will always have a place in our heart.”

Many parents feel the same way about their child care provider. Families form special relationships with the individuals who have been trusted to care for their children. Taking the time to chat with your provider at the end of the day and offering the extra “Thank You” now and again are appreciated.  However, you might be wondering if there is something special you can do to let your provider know just how much you appreciate all that she does for your family.

The Friday before Mother’s Day is a day set aside every year to recognize your child care provider. This year, it is May 9.  The annual day of celebration is designed to recognize child care providers, teachers and all educators of young children. So why not take the time this year to make this day extra special for your child’s caregiver?

 Here are some ideas (adapted from www.providerappreciationday.org):

  •  Plan a celebration – recruit other parents to decorate your provider’s home or the center your child attends; hang posters or signs that draw attention to the special day you are celebrating;
  • Send flowers, cards or a handwritten note of appreciation. Better yet, if your child is old enough, have her write the note. Check out this Thank You Card template;
  • Prepare a nutritious breakfast or lunch for your provider and for the children, or if the weather cooperates, have a picnic or a barbeque. Here are some suggestions from Let’s Move! Child Care;
  • Work with your child to create a special present. Here are two sample certificates that you could use:  What you do mattersor Incredible provider;
  • Buy a new toy, game or book for your provider's play area;
  • Give your provider a paid day off, or a raise or a bonus;
  • Consider an official Provider Appreciation Day logo item as a gift (at www.providerappreciationday.org);
  • Key in on your provider's hobby and buy an appropriate gift;
  • Check to see if your employer provides scholarships for toys, equipment or training that you can sponsor as a parent; and
  • If there are other child care programs in the area, invite them to join the celebration.

Your child care provider is special to both you and your child. Provider Appreciation Day is just one day set aside to recognize the work early childhood professionals do. Make sure to take time throughout the year as well, to let your child care provider know how much you appreciate the work she is doing with your child.

For more information on Provider Appreciation Day, go to: www.providerappreciationday.org.


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