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Child Care Glossary

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Family Assessment

A process of gathering information to observe a family’s strengths and areas of improvements, as well as any concerns they may have in regard to their child’s development.

Family Assistance

Any state and/or federal programs providing families with support in the areas of income, health care, child care, food purchasing, and/or housing.

Family Centered Services

Help designed to meet specific needs of individual families.

Family Child/Day Care

Care in a provider’s home. Family child care is provided for a group of children of various ages.

Family Literacy

A practice of involving all family members in the learning of literacy and education skills. For more information, click here .

Family Support Services

Community based programs intended to assist families in developing their parenting skills through providing information on locating and accessing community resources and support.

Financial Assistance

Assistance provided by employers and community organizations to help families pay a portion of child care costs.

Fine (small) Motor Control

Using the hands and fingers in a coordinated way to draw, write, cut, eat, or play.

Foster Children

Children placed in the state’s legal custody because their parents were deemed unfit to care for them. Reasons include: abuse, neglect, or inability to care for the children.

Foster Parents

State or county licensed adults who provide temporary homes for children in state custody whose birth parents are unable to care for them. For more information, click here .

Free Play

A leisurely time for children to choose their own play activities. This type of play may be indoors or outdoors.

Functional Print

Writing used for a specified purpose, such as signs, directions, lists, and personal messages.