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Child Care Glossary

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Early Care and Education

Services provided to children between birth and age 8.

Early Childhood

The age range from birth to age 8.

Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

Works with teacher in conducting a developmentally and educationally appropriate program from children in a group or classroom.

Early Childhood Education

Education programs designed for children before they enter elementary school.

Early Childhood Professional

Individual who works with young children in any capacity.

Early Childhood Teacher

Individual who plans and conducts a developmentally and educationally appropriate program for children. Supervises assistant teachers and aides.

Early Head Start- EHS

A federally funded program which provides comprehensive developmental services to low-income families. For more information, click here .

Early Intervention

A range of services designed to enhance the development of infants and toddlers with disabilities or at risk of development delay. These services are intended to maximize the potential of the child.

Early Literacy

The beginning stages of learning to read and write.

Early Reader

A child who is able to read and sound out words. He/she is also able to understand the meaning of what he/she is reading.

Earned Income Tax Credit

A refundable federal income tax credit for low-income working individuals and families. For more information, click  here .

Emergent Literacy

The development of reading and writing concepts and their meanings that takes place throughout childhood.

Employer Income Tax Credits

Credits available to businesses to allow them to reduce their business taxes. In the area of child care, a business that offers families assistance in paying for child care or operates a center may be eligible for these taxes.

Employer/Corporate Child Care

A child care setting that may offer benefits to employees. Some of these programs may be on-site near the parents’ place of employment.


An abbreviation for English as a Second Language.

Even Start

A family literacy program providing parents with instruction in a variety of literacy skills. The program assists families in promoting their child’s educational development.

Expressive Language Skills

The ability to communicate one's thoughts and feelings in words.

Extended Day Program

A child care program for school-age children. This program provides supervision, academic enrichment, and recreation for children after school hours end.