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Child Care Glossary

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Behavior Modification

A process used in effort to change a behavior. Typically used in children to re-direct an unacceptable behavior to a more suitable one.

Behavioral Disorders
Disorders influenced by biology, environment or a combination causing symptoms such as aggression, withdrawal from social interaction, self- injuring behavior, immaturity, mood swings, and/or hyperactivity. For more information, click here .
















Best Practice
 A term meaning delivery of service has been deemed, through research or experience, as the most desirable means of achieving outcomes.

The ability to speak fluently in two languages .

Block Grant

A grant of federal money to state and local governments to support social welfare programs.

Business Interface, Inc.

A program that works with businesses and corporations to hire families from “non-traditional” work pool. Formerly Welfare to Work. For more information, click here .