• I just got notice for an out-of state in-person interview for a job coming up in five days. Are there daily daycare services for 4-year olds? I can drop my child off early and have his dad pick him up in the evening for one or two days of this interview.

    The type of child care service you are looking for is referred to as drop-in or hourly child care. Child care providers who offer this service usually require some advanced notice so try to start you search as soon as possible. You can get started by contacting you location Child Care Resource and Referral Agency. You can find your local agency by visiting chlidcareaware.org and using our “Find Your Local CCR&R”search engine. They will be able to provide you with a list of state licensed child care providers.

    One way to get information on these providers if you are not able to go visit them all would be to check their inspection history. Some states offer this information online and those that do not you can contact the licensing agency for more information. You can locate either the licensing or the inspection website at  Child Care Licensing Inspections Reportspage. At the bottom of that page you can select your state to get more information.

    After you select your provider, you should then focus on preparing the information they will need or request. For example, any medical needs you child may have (i.e., allergies, hearing/ speech issues, etc.) you will want to prepare a list of this information. You should check with the provider’s pick up policies. Some child care providers will only allow the child to leave with the person who dropped the child off in the morning unless other arrangements are made in advance.

    Keep in mind that a lot of what goes into finding an hourly provider is the same as finding a full time provider. Taking these steps can help insure you child is safe and allow you to focus on your interview.

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    Jonecia Wade
    Senior Parent Liaison Specialist
    Child Care Aware of America

    Jonecia joined Child Care Aware of America in September of 2009, as a parent liaison specialist and transitioned into her current role in December 2010. She played a vital role in conducting research to gather information on resources related to child care in all fifty states. She also works with parents and families daily to help them find resources for child care. Mrs. Wade has a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.